Mammoth Control

Seamless security and control straight from your phone with our intuitive alarm interface and smart-property controller.

Coming Soon

Complete Coverage

We've reinvented and streamlined security control through our intuitive mobile interfaces. Control your cameras with our Monkey Vision App, monitor your alarm and make your premises a smart-property with our Mammoth Control App. Soon to be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Total Control


Alarm and alert notifications are sent directly to your phone, including arm, disarm, intrusion, fire. Notifications are configurable on the app

Smart Control.

Doors, gates, lights and more can be connected to the Mammoth Control App, giving you total control over your premises.

Cloud Storage.

Bank level encryption from control panel, to cloud and finally to you. Secure remote updates, ensuring your software is always up to date.

History & Data.

Access all alarm history, including who armed or disarmed your system, sensor activations and even which doors were opened or closed.

User Control.

Manage who can access your alarm system. Seamlessly add users and limit user abilities for specific people such as employees for a business. 


Developed in NZ & Australia, our app has been designed for Australian users and properties. We're continually developing our app and innovating our mobile interface.