Although our systems have been designed for easy self monitoring, we offer professional monitoring from an A1 graded Control. Alarms are monitored by our Control Room with video verification of alerts to determine the response required. We also provide virtual patrols of your premises using the installed cameras. The pricing of the plans vary depending on the number of cameras and alarm products. 

24/7 Security

1. Trigger

Whether it's a sensor or a camera, every alert is processed by our A1 Grade Control Room within seconds.

2. Verify

Our Control Room operators are trained to verify the alert received and action based on your instructions.

3. Response

Whether it's a patrol car or the police, we'll make sure the right response is undertaken to protect your premises.

Monkey Monitoring for our Monkey Vision Security Cameras.

Monkey Vision has partnered with leading security companies across Australia and use an A1 graded control room (in accordance with the Australian Standard 2201.2-2001) to monitor our cameras. Our humanoid detection cameras and Howler speaker systems integrate into our control room for customers who require a professionally monitored solution. Talk to us for pricing and options on game changing technology.

Alarm Monitoring

Mammoth Security uses the same A1 graded Control Room to monitor all back to base alarm systems we deploy. With the added benefit of video verification and even in some locations, concierge services, our Control Room is the perfect partner for our cameras and security technology to secure your property. 

  • Monkey Vision cameras have been made for self-monitoring. If you do want support, our Control Room is well placed to use our tech to keep watch over your stuff around the clock. We've built in all the alerts, motion-sensing capabilities and D-I-Y-iness so you don't need outside help - unless you want it. 

  • We've developed Australian tech to make sure our cameras know whether it's a possum or a person on your property. 

  • No one cares about your stuff more than you. We figured that if you care enough to get our cameras, our ecosystem should be robust enough to let you take full control. 

  • Setting our cameras up properly is crucial. If they’re not installed correctly, and in the right spot, things like glare, fog, dew, mist and morons with black spray paint might affect your lens.

  • Power is also a big issue, and when we say ‘clean’ power, we’re not just talking about renewables. If your cameras aren’t receiving continuous, consistent power, they will be prone to faults. So try not to hook them up with other appliances or fixtures – especially ones that are hardwired in and switch themselves on and off. Our cameras are designed to work specifically with the power supplies we provide exactly the way they are provided. Please don’t tinker with them, as you may not get the best result from our cameras, and may even void your warranty.

  • Also, as much as we love our Solar Kits, they’re only as good as the sun that shines down on them. North facing and clear of other buildings or leafy trees is required for optimal use. We always recommend mains power as the first option.

  • Even if you’ve put your faith in our best-in-class 4G cameras that run on Australia’s most reliable networks, you’re not immune from the odd outage. If the network sneezes, your camera catches the cold. Granted, it’s a rare occurrence, but it has happened, can happen and most likely will happen in the future.

  • We accept no liability or responsibility for damages and/or losses to property and assets within the property.


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