Become a security disruptor.

Wholesale Pricing.

By becoming a partner with Mammoth Security and agreeing to hold stock, we'll set you up with discounts based on how you want to deal with us - no cookie cutter one size fits all scenario here. Each partner brings value in their own way.

Referral Commissions

Refer Mammoth Security to your clients and allow us to dazzle them with our service, product quality and innovative solutions. We'll make it worth your while.

Continuous Support.

As a partner, you get access to our Melbourne based Tech and Marketing support teams to help you get the best results from our products.

Innovative Products

At Mammoth we are always looking for ways that tech can help people solve problems. Partners will be kept up to date with our roadmap of exciting new products.

Rewards Programs.

Work hard, party hard. It's how we live at Mammoth and we want our partners to be rewarded for the effort they put in to growing our business.

Supporting Australia.

We're one of the few wholly owned Australian Camera & Security Tech companies striving to keep it local. We build more and more of our hardware here, we support it all here, and we develop solutions for it here.

Program Benefits

Become a partner of Mammoth Security, expand your offering, support Australian products and drive business growth. 

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Who is this Program for?

Mammoth Security is looking for like minded partners to help us grow into Australia's best and biggest locally owned and supported Camera and Security Tech business. If you think you've got what it takes to break free of the traditional model, then we'd love to talk to you.


We're always looking for installers as we get larger and larger covering more of this great brown land, so give us a call if you love installing cameras and security gear but are bored with the same old same old.


Expanding your footprint? Let Mammoth Security take care of your store. Expanding your range? Get onboard with one of Australia's fastest growing brands that offers excitement in a category plagued by sameness.

Security Firms

Your clients deserve better and will start to demand more Australian content in your solutions. Talk to us today about how we can partner up for the best result for your clients.


Whether you want to simply refer Mammoth Security, sell our products or install our systems, we have a rewarding and beneficial program for you. Designed to fit your business model. An ecosystem engineered for success.

Installation Partner

At Mammoth Security, each Installation Partner is trained by us to deliver solutions the Mammoth way. With on and off site learning and e-modules to get you accredited to install and support our gear.

Referral Partner

Sometimes we just want to meet people and make new friends and then meet their friends and sell them stuff. Why not share the rewards at the same time.

Retail Partner

Whether you want our stock to protect your stock, or you want to stock our stock, we're fully stocked and waiting to talk to you about stock - yours or ours! This is no stock standard brand...

The Fine Print.


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Let's Partner Up.

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How to get Started

You're already on your way. Now, contact us to discuss your profile, needs, vision and how we can effectively grow together.


Initial Assessment.

We'll learn more about one another and determine whether we're a good fit.


Partner Onboarding.

Our team will work with you to learn our processes. Contact us to discuss your profile, needs, vision and how we can grow togther.


Partnership Formation.

We will work together on the vision and goals of our partnership and establish steps and metrics to achieve them.


Ongoing Collaboration.

Our team will keep you updated on all new features and changes to help you provide the latest security solutions.