Automated Patrolling

We've combined our high definition smart cameras with the mobile patrol power of a highly intelligent robot, creating the ultimate mobile security solution.

We've developed our Robots to actively patrol environments after hours, keeping your premises secure 24/7. Our Robots are still in development and are not available for sale, but they're coming soon.





Autonomous Patrolling

Easily set a patrol path for the Robot to conduct through your premises. The Robot's battery lasts for up to 24 hours, depending on use. The Robot automatically returns to base for recharging.

Obstacle Avoidance

The Robot uses laser and camera sensor technology to navigate around its environment, detecting obstacles early and avoiding them.

Live Viewing

See exactly what the Robot is viewing directly from your mobile or computer and receive alerts if any unauthorised activity occurs.




View in your Space

View what the product looks like in your space using augmented reality technology. 

Explore the product like its right in front of you. Rotate and manoeuvre the item and get a sense for its look, size and feel. 

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