Secure Kit

Smart Security & Control

Create a seamlessly connected and secure home with commercial grade Australian products. 

Backed by a powerful network, experience a completely integrated system which offers, security, safety and convenience. All our packages include installation and 12 months support. 





Alarm & Smart-Property

Australian built, commercial grade alarm system, supporting up to; 16 sensors, 8 control functions and 8 keypads. Through Mammoth Control, you can remotely monitor, protect and control your property.

HD Monitoring

Monkey Vision cameras offer 5MP clarity, 5x optical zoom, night vision and advanced human detection all in a weatherproof metal casing. Live stream and monitor cameras to your phone, tablet or TV.

Access Control

Go keyless and access your property with a code or preprogrammed fob. Set access notifications and unique codes to be notified who is entering your premises. 

Connected Property

We have curated a connected property experience. Our fully integrated packages provide mobile control, remote viewing, access control, a reliable network and high-level security. 

Complete Customisation

Our packages are fully customisable for your needs and are suitable for any property type. The packages on this site serve as examples and can be easily modified by adding or removing products. Please get in touch to discuss creating a package perfect for your property. 


Our integrated stylish Doorbell notifies you who's at the door, allowing you to permit or deny entry to visitors straight from your your phone or intuitive touchscreen interface.

Warning Signs

No secured property is complete without warning labels, deterring would-be thieves from targeting your premises. 


By partnering with Telstra, and using HP’s Aruba Instant On network devices, we’ve ensured you have a reliable, fast and secure network. Delivering safe and monitored internet throughout your premises and powering your connected property. Through the robust Aruba network, our support team is able to remotely service, troubleshoot and upgrade your smart-property system. 


We've broken down the specific components and products that make-up our connected property ecosystem. This is an example only, and can be customised to suit your property.