Recycled Packaging

We only use recycled packaging provided by responsible and sustainable suppliers.

QR Codes

QR codes printed on our packaging to easily direct users to helpful documents.


Our local factory in Melbourne's West where we develop, build and repair our systems.

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Through using recycled packaging and QR codes instead of printed manuals, we've proudly saved approximately 17 trees, and that number is constantly growing!



Our mission to produce locally and our piece importing method has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint by approximately 64%!



We've proudly built, designed, developed and installed thousands of Australian products, and we're constantly striving to bring as much of our production process to Australia as possible. 

Energy Consumption


Our emphasis on local production and piece importing method has lead to approximately a 21% decrease in our energy use.

QR Codes.

Instead of printing our instruction guides and manuals on paper, and subsequently placing mounds of paper in our packaging, we've used QR codes, printed on the packaging to give the customer access to our manuals. This way, the customer can easily get access to a manual without incurring such a large wastage of paper. 

Local Production.

Aside from our desire to support Australia, we sought to open a local factory to reduce the environmental impact of overseas production. Due to the large amount of transportation required to move products from an overseas factory to Australia, manufacturing overseas has high levels of CO2 emissions. 

Recycled Packaging.

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact we aim to use only recycled materials for our product packaging. All our product packaging materials are also recyclable. We urge all our customers to please recycle our product packaging. 

Piece Importing.

The components we source from overseas are imported in pieces rather than as fully assembled items. This enables us to import more items in a specific shipment, reducing the environmental impact of global transport.





Our Values

03 Ongoing Support.

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. After we install our systems we don't just walk away. Local support is always only a phone call away.

02 Quality & Reliability.

We strive to develop high quality and reliable products. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure you can count on our systems.

01 Environmental Sustainability.

We strongly believe in environmental preservation. We're constantly implementing measures to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. 

05 Innovation & Development.

We're passionate about tech and innovation. We're always developing new systems to optimise security and efficiency.

04 Australian Built.

We seek to support Aussie workers and the Australian economy. We're continually endeavouring to build all our systems locally.


Achieve sustainable Australian production without increasing costs and compromising user experience.

We're serious about sustainability.

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